From Alyki to Saliara

A comparison between ancient and modern quarrying

Ancient quarries were -just like today- small private enterprises. In Alyki area, it is estimated that about 10 – 12 such businesses have been operating, having among themselves natural boarders. Each quarry was operating in an area between 1 – 10,000 m2 (maximum 100,000 m2 in today’s quarries). A large variety of specialized and skilled personnel was employed in these quarries – from the quarry master (who was responsible for the selection of the stone for each artifact), to the excavation team that was expert in the use of the proper tools, to the handcraft marble technicians, to the transportation and loading team, to the team of producing and maintaining of wooden and iron tools. It is estimated that about 10-50 people was employed in each quarry, an employment level that is common in today’s quarries as well.

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