Thassos Marble Blocks

Quarry selections of Thassos blocks are:


A1 Blocks suitable for gang-saw processing for production of A1/A2 slabs
A2 Blocks suitable for gang-saw for production of slabs of A3/A4 slabs
AB Blocks suitable for tiles of A1/A2 selection
B Blocks suitable for tiles of A3/A4 selections

Lab Tests Data

    Mineralogical Composition (Weight %)

    Calcite 12
    Dolomite 86
    Quartz 2

    Chemical Analysis (Weight %)

    Cao 35.93
    MgO 18.20
    SiO2 0.60
    Fe2O3 0.18

    Physical and Mechanical Properties

    Apparent Specific Weight Kg/m3 2882
    Absorption Coefficient wt% 0.68
    Compressive Strength Kg/cm2 990
    Modulus of Rupture Kg/cm2 189
    Abrasion Resistance mm 4.33